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Giving Back Giveaway 2019: Part Two!

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

"You can be the next LUCKY winner!"

Giveaway Mechanics:

1. Must purchase any 60 minute massages or any gift certificates to enter. You get 1 ticket for any 60/90 minute massages, 2 tickets for any 120 minutes massages.

2. The tickets will be given before/after the massage. Purchaser of gift certificate will receive the ticket through email.

3. It may not be used in conjunction with other promotions and can NOT be claimed with your insurance. Deadline of submission of raffle tickets is on August 9, 2019.

4. Drawing of winner will be broadcast through facebook live on August 9, 2019. One lucky winner on each prizes.

5. Redemption of prizes is within 30 days from end of giveaway period. If you are out of the country or deployed, we can wire transfer the money to you and/or your bank account! That's the Best part of our giveaway part 2!!! Bless you and Goodluck!!!

To all my valued and future clients, I am extremely grateful and I really appreciate your support! More blessing to you and your family!

Prize list:

1st Prize: $1,300 Cash

2nd Prize: $600 Cash

3rd Prize: $300 Cash


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