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"!Invest in your health"

"My mission is to restore, inspire, and promote balance and well being in the bodies, minds, and souls of my clients by combining Eastern and Western modalities. I believe that everyone benefits from basic human touch whether you are getting a massage for relaxation or to help with stress. Budgeting time and money for bodywork at consistent intervals is an investment in your health. I am eager to assist anyone interested in making massage an integral part of your health and wellness plan by establishing a treatment schedule that best meets your needs, your budget, and your stress levels. I always strive to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of my clients while being guided by the values of respect, compassion, cooperation and professionalism."

Break Time Massage Therapy Iwakuni is a private home business located in a beautiful newly renovated towers, MCAS Iwakuni Satsuki Tower, Bldg. 656 5D.

Whether your goal is to pamper, rejuvenate, to focus on a specific problem area, searching for a method to help deal with the stresses of daily life or wanting to maintain good health. Break Time Massage Therapy prides itself on tailoring a session to meet your needs! Offering a peaceful atmosphere which allows you to relax, feel safe, treat you with respect and enjoy your experience!

Break Time offers not just space and time, but also the expertise to help you achieve a state of relaxation and well-being, and wash away your stress and renew your energy in a ayurvedic atmosphere that seems a world away from the pressures of life.

A must try!​

My name is Ramer Daco, I graduated at Nevada School of Massage Therapy in 2009 with 815 hours plus continuing education each year, became licensed and certified since 2009. I am a highly trained massage therapist whose goal centralizes around the comprehension of Anatomy and the Kinesthetics behind pain and injury you are suffering from. I believe that massage therapy is one of the many paths to restoring health and wellness to the body, mind and spirit. The technique I use in my work includes Sacred Lomi: Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Reiki Healing Master and Teacher level, Aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Accupressure, Ayurvedic massage, cranial sacral, Movement and Assessment, Trigger Point Therapy, Russian Sports Massage, Sports Massage, Injury Massage, Structural Integration, Reflexology, Advanced Pre/Post-Natal Massage, Deep Tissue and traditional Swedish Massage. I specialize in blending Sacred Lomi: Hawaiian Temple Bodywork, Lomi Lomi, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic massage, Shiatsu, Cranial Sacral, Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger points and sport massage techniques because I always like the outcome that this combination brings to my client: lowered stress levels, improved athletic performance and enhanced recovery. I have helped thousands of my clients with issues ranging from chronic back and shoulder pain to athletic injuries to surgery recovery. I believe in the body’s natural ability to heal.

Opening my own business has been the most challenging thing that I have ever done, but my work is extremely fulfilling. I operated a massage practice office Therapeutic Bodyworkz in Ventura, CA in 2014. I love the historic and ocean view of Ventura. It’s been a lot of fun and a very interesting journey so far. I keep on learning new things as I have to face many different challenges with many different clients in multiple industries. I am excited about what lies ahead.


My wife and I really like to travel, try different food at different places. And of course, I really like photography as well.


Until then I am looking forward to meet you... book your appointment today!

Blessing to you and your family!

California Massage City Council


Cert. # 46610

iwakuni massage
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So glad to have Ramer on our base offering his wide range of relaxing massage experiences! He is such a warm and positive person, you can't help but to feel lighter and refreshed leaving his sessions!

— Tina Alexandra Photography


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