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Tips to getting the best massage.

  • Be open-minded.

  • You may be worried about how you look or what to do – but rest assured your massage therapist has seen it all before.

  • There is no need to feel self-conscious as the therapist is only thinking about how to help you and give you the best treatment possible. If it’s your first visit or 100th, if your male or female our jobs remains the same which is to give you the best treatment possible.

  • One of the most difficult things for many people during their first massage is knowing exactly how much clothing to take off (or leave on). Most people actually take everything off. However, you’re perfectly free to leave your underwear on and/or to your comfort level.

  • To get the most out of the experience, turn off your phone or at least put it on silent. Let coworkers, family, clients, and kids know you won’t be available for a while if you can. Remember, this is about relaxation! Let this be a brief but powerful escape from the business of life.

  • Jewelry will almost always be in the way on some level during a massage. (Rings, too–you do not want them to interfere with the hand & finger massage.) So leave it at home or in your office safe. If you forget, you can keep it in the room with you, of course. However, for some, just knowing that a precious item might be forgotten or lost can add stress.

  • Okay, it happens. People forget to go before a massage begins. And it’s a bit of a “buzz-kill” to have to get up part-way through the heavenly experience of a professional massage to use the restroom. And it can cut into your time as well. So remember to take time to go before your massage begins.

  • When it’s time to go into your massage, your therapist should meet you and walk you back to the room. If you’re feeling nervous, please don’t hesitate to tell them at this time. Also, ask any questions you may have and repeat any special requests. Your therapist will talk with you, give you instructions on getting undressed and getting onto the table and under the draping. Then they’ll leave the room to give you time and then knock before coming back in.

  • If you had a positive experience, the best time to plan for the next one is now. Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do. The time and money you invest will produce dividends of health and well-being in body, mind, and soul. So go ahead and plan for that next massage, even if it’s a few months out. Most of my clients get a clear, smooth and healthy skin after several massages.


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