Information, Self-Care and Benefits of Post-Natal Massage.

Helps restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition, speeds healing and assists with C-section recovery.

After a woman has experienced labor, she has birthed a baby in her arms, and perhaps a new part of herself aswell. All the attention turns from the mother to the baby. This time is crucial to continue care for the mother as well as she is faced with a whole new set of life challenges and changes both psychologically and physiologically. The post partum period lasts for 6 –8 weeks but subtle transformations last for a year or more. Massage to the new mother supports this new life and its accompanying demands for adaptation.

It is only recently that our society has begun to acknowledge this 40 day period of time after a woman has given birth. This is the fourth trimester of pregnancy. This is the time for her to be taken care of by others; to be cooked for, have the house cleaned, clothes washed and food bought. She needs love and care on all levels so that all she has to do is sleep and feed her baby. Her job is to look after and bond with her baby. She has been opened physically, emotionally and spiritually to birth her baby. This time is for her to slowly and gently close herself energetically and reconnect with her new Self – the new mother.

Massage is a beautiful way to honour the new mother and give her the chance to reconnect with her body; and for her body to receive tender loving care after experiencing labor. Breastfeeding, (if feeding this way) can be very demanding on the mother both as she adjusts to constant nipple stimulation, and with the new postures and holding positions she is now adopting. Neck strain is a common complaint, as with lower back strain.

Benefits of Postpartum Bodywork/Massage

Reduces aching muscles that are sore from the accumulation of pregnancy, delivery and breast feeding. Improves posture and realignment of pelvis. Provides emotional support during a demanding time and reminds the mother to still take time out for herself to find balance, and to honour her own needs. Speed up the recovery for surgical scars from caesarean section and the reduction of adhesions within the abdominal cavity. Increases and strengthens the abdominal cavity again and organs to realign and return to pre baby positions. Benefits breastfeeding by possibly increasing lipids, solids and casein in breast milk and decreasing the chance of clogging and mastitis. Encourage intestinal mobility decreasing constipation. Nurtures the baby as physical touch to the mother leads her to touch her baby with more care, awareness and confidence.

My signature post-natal Hawaiian massage protocol is designed to support the mother and help bring her into balance after birth which provides the nurturing benefits needed by the physical body plus energy work for the mental and emotional parts.