How to relieve seasonal allergies naturally?

Updated: Jan 15

Seasonal allergy symptoms typically include, itchy, puffy red eyes, nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose or postnasal drip. Wheezing while breathing, pain in the ears, throat irritation, headaches and fatigue are a few symptoms of allergies. Everyday that you are affected by allergies means discomfort and irritation.  Using essential oils to naturally relieve allergies so that you don’t have to sneeze and itch your way through the season.

You are not alone in your allergy fog!  Did you know that 40-60% of American people are affected by Allergies yearly? Also the number of children showing signs of allergies is dramatically increasing.

Allergies are most commonly a reaction to pollen, dust, mold and animal dander. It’s not known why more people are being affected by these commonly occurring allergens. One theory points to the body being overworked and run down with stress which causes an increase of inflammation within the body and results in a lower immune system. When a stressed and overworked body experiences an allergen it reacts to this allergen with symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and fatigue.  These symptoms seem to have a “seasonal” aspect to them and are more aggravating during seasonal changes.

To alleviate reacting to allergens you can use essential oils that are specific to reducing inflammation, essential oils that detoxify the body and essential oils that boost the immune system.  The essential oils contribute by alleviating the possibility of allergy irritation by increasing your bodies ability to deal with the exposure to the allergin.

With the help of allergy soothing essential oils you can reduce your allergic reactions to these common molds, pollens and dander and increase your overall wellness and joy.

5 Essential Oils that Naturally Relieve Allergies

1. Lavender

helps to reduce inflammation. Lavender can bring calm to the mind, which helps the whole body to relax and unwind.