Chest Pain and Breast Pain Trigger Points

Trigger points in the chest and neck muscle groups can cause pain that is experienced in the chest region. Typically these muscle groups are overload by starting a new exercise program or heavy physical labor. Additionally, various sleeping positions can activate trigger points in these muscles. Besides pain, these trigger points may produces symptoms such as breast tenderness and cardiac arrhythmia.

The three muscle groups that can contain trigger points that refer pain to the chest region are:

The Pectoralis Major

The Pectoralis Minor

The Scalenes

The Pectoralis Major Trigger Points that Cause Chest Pain and Breast Pain

The Pectoralis Major muscle group is the large, flat muscles found in the upper chest region. The muscle has four overlapping sections that attach to the ribs, collarbone, chest bone, and upper arm bone at the shoulder.

This muscle group contracts as you push with your arms in front of you (e.i. the bench press) and when you rotate your arms inward towards your trunk. The Pectoralis Major can contain up to five different trigger points that refer pain in the chest, shoulder, and breast regions.

Additionally, pain or numbness may radiate down the inside of the arm and into the fingers. Trigger points in this muscle group tend to activate trigger points in the upper back muscles that produce pain between the shoulder blades.

Pectoralis Major Trigger Point Symptoms