MITO Massage Gun

MITO Massage Gun

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1. Effective deep tissue massage: tissue up to 12mm deep, with a strong hitting force of up to 3,200rpm and a stall force of 44LB, can reduce muscle stiffness in different parts of the body, ideal for athletes and bodybuilding 2. Upgraded high-torque motors: high torque brushless motors with high quality bearings provide efficient, consistent impact and long service life 3. Safe muscle relaxation: With IC chip, the massage gun can be automatically turned off after 10 minutes of use to achieve the best muscle relaxation;Switch to standby mode to provide overdischarge protection after 3 minutes of idling 4. Integrated 3C rated battery: built-in 2500mAh battery, which can be used for a long time for 8 hours after a full charge. If used for 15 minutes every day, the battery can be maintained for half a month, and the remaining battery can be easily checked by LED instructions 5. Light and portable: Massage gun only weighs 0.8 pounds, gift box, can be carried, easy to carry, can be relaxed as needed, equipped with 3 speed levels and 4 detachable massage heads 6. Transportation time: global transportation time is 7-20 days

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